Value Added Tax Refunds

Services and all kinds of sales of goods are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) in Turkey.

However, according to VAT Law No: 3065,exports of goods, sale of goods to be exported (Article 11), export of services (Article 12), production (manufacturing), construction, export of and services provided for sea and air transportation vehicles (Article 13), and international transportation activities (Article 14) are exempt from VAT.

Due to these exemptions, VAT that has already been paid and cannot be deducted in any way, as is reimbursed in cash or as deduction from some debts of relevant tax payer in a period of approximately one month based on a Sworn Public Accountant (YMM) verification stated in a special report

In order to process the returns, third party examinations, cross checks and analytical evaluations are performed diligently and verification/examination reports are prepared by our Company.

Consulting, approvals and verifications are provided by YET YMM A.Ş.’s Sworn Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and auditors together with any issues that may arise during processing of VAT returns.
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